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NOTE: Our teaser reel is not the film's trailer. It was created to promote the essence of the project to investors with the understanding it is not authentic. The actual film production will present authenticity and accuracy of regalia, languages, etc. for the actual time period in 1805.


Kaaren F. Ochoa


Jane L. Fitzpatrick

Martin Nuza

Award-Winning Production Team:


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It is Fall 1800. The Shoshoni people are camped at the headwaters of the Missouri River, following the path of the buffalo. A young girl, Boinair, celebrates her initiation into womanhood. She is betrothed and her future as a Shoshoni wife awaits.

But, that evening, when the men are away hunting, the vulnerable village is attacked by Hidatsa warriors. Everything changes for Boinair at that moment when she’s stolen away from those she loves.

In early 1803, President Thomas Jefferson commissions his secretary, Meriwether Lewis, to lead an expedition to the Pacific Ocean. By June, William Clark joins the Corps of Discovery.

At the same time, along the Knife River, Boinair is now a slave at the Hidatsa village. She has been given the name, Sacaj(g)awea. As property, she’s traded to a brutish French trapper, Toussaint Charbonneau, for a gun. Soon, she is pregnant with his son.

By November 1804, the Corps of Discovery arrives at the Hidatsa village searching for an interpreter to negotiate for Shoshoni horses to cross the mountains. In this exploration that will birth a nation, Sacajawea sees a way home…

Through horrendous weather, starvation and the constant threat of death the Corps finally reaches the Shoshoni village. Sacajawea is reunited with her family. But, her joy and the dream of staying with her people are lost, because she and her son belong to the white man.

In his wisdom, her uncle (brother), Chief Cameahwait, sets a new purpose for Sacajawea. Though devastated, she trusts her Spirit's call and accepts what seems an unhappy fate - not yet realizing her true destiny is before her…

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